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Cable Glands and Lugs


COMET gland design & testing philosophy on the requirements of BS:-6121 & IP66 as per IS 13947 ( Part 1 ), adding any criteria necessary to meet particular specification.


COMMET flameproof glands are approved by CMRI, Dhanbad, DGFASLI, BIS, CCOE- Nagpur suitable for GAS I, IIA, IIB, IIC. Specific details are available upon request.


Glands are manufactured as standard in BRASS. Alternative material includes ALUMINIUM, MILD STEEL & S.S.


Brass glands are generally supplied with NICKEL finish and can be supplied with variety of finishes, e.g. TIN or CADNIUM. Further details are available upon request.


Glands are supplied with B.S.C threads ( ET ). Otherentry threads forms available are - NTP, PG, PF, BSP METRIC etc.


Select appropriate gland from the relevant table by checking the ACTUAL cable dimensions or referring to the SPECIFIED cable.

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Cable Lugs
Aluminium - Ring, PIN Copper Ring, PIN Sizes available as per requirement / standard  

Cable Glands 
Sizes available as per requirement / standard

Cable Glands & Lugs

Cable Glands & Lugs

Cable Glands

Cable Glands

Cable Lugs

Cable Lugs

PG Glands

Quality is extremely important in an electrical system. It is maintained by undertaking stage wise inspection, which is always mandatory. Full fledge in house lab. Inspects raw material & out going finished products as per defined rejection / acceptance methods. Relevant Indian & International standards are maintained by concurrent inspections & close monitoring of quality standards. This will enable the customers to select the terminals as per the specification required.